An ointment is a homogeneous, viscous, semi-solid preparation, most commonly a greasy, thick oil (oil 80% - water 20%) with a high viscosity, that is intended for external application to the skin or mucous membranes. Ointments have a water number that defines the maximum amount of water that it can contain.They are used as emollients or for the application of active ingredients to the skin for protective, therapeutic, or prophylactic purposes and where a degree of occlusion is desired. Ointments are used topically on a variety of body surfaces. These include the skin and the mucous membranes of the eye (an eye ointment), chest, vulva, anus, and nose. An ointment may or may not be medicated. Ointments are usually very moisturizing, and good for dry skin. They have a low risk of sensitization due to having few ingredients beyond the base oil or fat, and low irritation risk. There is typically little variability between brands of drugs. They are often disliked by patients due to greasiness.

Our products are:

S.No. Composition Claim Form Gram
1 Clotrimazole 1.0%w/w Cream 15gm
2 Beclomethasone 0.025%w/w Cream 10/20gm
3 Clobetasol Propionate 0.05%w/w Ointment 20gm
4 Salicylic Acid 6%w/w Ointment 15gm
5 Potassium nitrate in a pleaseantly flavoured base 5%w/w Tooth Gel 50/75gm

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